How it Works

As a traditional ceramic studio, our students begin their projects in greenware (raw, hardened clay) and clean the mold seams from their pieces using our cleaning tools.  While it may be intimidating at first to work with the most fragile stages of ceramics, this is our student’s unique opportunity to add some additional texture or carving to their pieces, as well as their chance to get to know their piece and the small details in it.  After cleaning, the greenware pieces are fired into bisque and can be painted, with instructor guidance and assistance, in following classes in almost any way our students choose.

We carry multiple product lines of acrylic bisque stains for decorative pieces, as well as glazes and underglazes for both decorative and functional ceramic pieces which can be used to create some incredibly detailed designs and colourful projects.  Each paint line offers the ability to use vastly different techniques that our students can learn from personalized instruction in every class.